Christopher had a truly amazing season this year. His biggest success is definitely the fact that there was no major accident during the whole year and he could run everything we wanted him to. At his first race in the Czech Republic he took a beautiful 5th place. For the 2nd race of the season we had to travel all the way to Poland. In the Slazsko Championship in the huge competition of 33 dogs he took a beautiful 10th place. It was a huge success, because Poland is known for having really good coursing dogs. The 3rd race took place in Bratislava. Both decent runs, but he didn’t earn enough points and ended up on 16th place, his worst placement of the season.   The next race, Master od Moravia 2021 ,  took place in České Slušovice. Christopher brought home an amazing 2nd place and became VICE-CHAMPION of Morava, the title res CACT (full CACT). Hurray! With this winning streak we continued to Galanta Slovakia where Chris showed his qualities by taking the 1st place and titles CACIL and CACT. Our last race was in Adamovo Slovakia where Chris stood on the bench  with the great 6th place. We had planned to attend one more race, but Chris injured his paw/leg just two days prior to the race. The season is over for us but thankfully the leg/paw is heeled and we can’t wait for season 2022. In addition to coursing victories races, we traveled to Romania, where after a difficult journey and attending three exhibitions we brought home 2x BIG, 1x res BIG and 2x CACIB. I am very proud of Christopher.